Watch the New SCinet Video: Delivering 4.12 Terabits of Bandwidth for SC

How often does an international conference leave its mark on a host city in the form of improved infrastructure? That is exactly what is taking place in Dallas, Texas, as volunteers prepare to build SCinet, the SC conference’s dedicated high-capacity network.

SCinet takes one year to plan and culminates in a weeks-long, high-intensity installation process. In preparation for that final build, a contractor recently installed a mile of fiber optic cable through the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas and under several downtown Dallas landmarks, including city hall and the library. Only about 20 feet of pavement was cut to enable global connections to the DataBank data center in downtown Dallas.

With this improved infrastructure in place, SCinet will deliver an anticipated 4.12 terabits per second of network capacity to a million square feet of exhibit space for SC18 in November. When the conference ends, all that SCinet-facilitated fiber will remain in place for future use by Dallas and its millions of visitors.

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