Find answers to common questions that may arise during the effort to prepare and submit a workshop to the SC Conference. If your question is not addressed here, please contact us.





Q: Where can I submit my workshop proposal?


A: Workshop proposals are submitted via the SC18 submissions website.


Q: What is the format of a workshop proposal?


A: The Workshops submission form gathers information about the history, format, content, and needs of the proposed workshop, along with an attached document summarizing the workshop’s scope, relevance, participants, etc. A sample submission form is available on the SC18 submissions website.


Q: Is there a limit to the number of workshop organizers?


A: Yes, please limit workshop organizers to four for simplicity of communication. You are welcome to include more participants on your scientific or steering committees.


Q: Is my workshop required to participate in the reproducibility initiative?


A: While participation in the reproducibility initiative is highly encouraged for all Workshops organizers, reproducibility documentation is only required if your workshop will publish proceedings. Please refer to the Workshops Reproducibility Initiative for more information.


Review Criteria and Conflict of Interest (COI)


Q: Is my workshop peer-reviewed?


A: Yes. Workshop proposals are reviewed by a committee of experts. Each proposal will have at least three reviewers.


Q: Is the peer-review process double-blind?


A: No. Reviewers have access to the names of Workshops submitters. While Workshops Committee members are named on the SC18 Planning Committee page, the names of the individuals reviewing each proposal are not made available to the authors.


Q: What are the guidelines for Conflicts of Interest (COI)?


A: A potential conflict of interest occurs when a person is involved in making a decision that:

  1. Could result in that person, a close associate of that person, or that person’s company or institution receiving significant financial gain, such as a contract or grant.
  2. Could result in that person, or a close associate of that person, receiving significant professional recognition, such as an award or the selection of a paper, work, exhibit, or other type of submitted presentation.

Authors and Workshops Committee members will be given the opportunity to list any potential COIs during the submissions and review processes, respectively. The Workshops Committee Chair will make every effort to avoid assignments that have a potential COI.

For SC18, we consider a conflict of interest to exist with:

  1. Your PhD advisors, post-doctoral advisors, PhD students, and post-doctoral advisees forever;
  2. Family relations by blood or marriage, or equivalent (e.g., a partner), forever;
  3. People with whom you have collaborated in the past five years – collaborators include:
    • Co-authors on an accepted/rejected/pending research paper;
    • Co-PIs on an accepted/pending grant;
    • Those who fund your research;
    • Researchers whom you fund;
    • Researchers with whom you are actively collaborating;
  4. People who were employed by, or a student at, your primary institution(s) in the past five years, or people who are active candidates for employment at your primary institution(s); and
  5. Close personal friends or others with whom you believe a conflict of interest exists.

Note: “Service” collaborations, such as writing a DOE, NSF, or DARPA report, or serving on a program committee, do not inherently create a COI. Other situations can create COIs and you should contact the Workshops Chair for clarification on any of these issues.


Proceedings and Archiving


Q: Are workshop papers included in the SC Conference Proceedings?


A: No. However, we are in discussions with IEEE TCHPC regarding publishing proceedings for SC18 workshops.


Q: Will my workshop be linked to the SC18 Online Program?


A: Yes, provided you upload your workshop URL and program to the SC18 submissions website before October 14, 2018.


Q: Will my workshop be archived on the SC18 website?


A: The SC18 website will include the URLs of the Workshops and their programs. Note that the publication of this material in the SC18 archive is only possible if you upload your workshop URL and program to the SC18 submissions website before October 14, 2018.


Schedule and Locations


Q: When do SC18 Workshops take place?


A: Workshops are scheduled on Sunday, November 11; Monday, November 12; and Friday, November 16, 2018.


Q: How long are SC18 Workshops?


A: Workshops are either half- or full-day events. Note that on Friday, November 16, 2018, only half-day workshops are scheduled.


Q: Where are SC18 Workshops located?


A: All Workshops will take place at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas.


Q: Can I start or end my workshop earlier or later than the time assigned to me by the Workshops Chair?


A: No. Agreements with the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas do not allow us to extend the use of reserved rooms beyond the time allocated to your workshop by the Workshops Chair. Violation of these agreements may result in fines which will be the responsibility of the individual workshop organizer(s).


Food and Coffee Breaks


Q: Are there coffee breaks during Workshops?


A: Yes. Two 30-minute coffee breaks, at 10 am and 3 pm, are provided on Sunday and Monday; one 30-minute coffee break at 10 am is provided on Friday.


Q: Is lunch included with registration for workshop attendees?


A: No, lunch is not provided. The SC Conference works with the convention center to ensure that restaurants and other sources of refreshment are easily accessible.


Q: Can I provide lunches to my workshop attendees?


A: No, this request cannot be accommodated within current conference policies and procedures.




Q: What infrastructure is provided to each workshop?


A: Workshops are assigned either a classroom or theater room equipped with standard AV facilities (projector, microphone and podium, wireless lapel microphone or wireless handheld microphone, and projection screen).


Q: Can I have poster boards in my workshop room?


A: No, this request cannot be accommodated within current conference policies and procedures.


Q: Can I have roundtables at my workshop?


A: No, this request cannot be accommodated within current conference policies and procedures.


Q: Can I have a wired Internet connection at my workshop?


A: No, this request cannot be accommodated within current conference policies and procedures.


Q: Can I have power strips on the tables or under the chairs at my workshop?


A: No, this request cannot be accommodated within current conference policies and procedures.


Q: Can I record talks at the workshop?


A: No, this request cannot be accommodated within current conference policies and procedures.




Q: Is complimentary registration provided to the Workshops keynote speaker(s) or the organizers?


A: One complimentary Workshops registration will be provided for each workshop.


Q: What is the fee to attend one or more workshops?


A: Please refer to SC18 Registration for the exact registration fees. Note that registration fees may differ depending on whether you also have a Technical Program registration.


Q: Do I have to register for each workshop that I wish to attend?


A: No. A Workshops registration is for one or multiple days, during which time you have access to any scheduled workshop.




Q: Is reproducibility documentation required in order to submit to SC18 Workshops?


A: Only if your workshop publishes peer-reviewed proceedings. Three components are requested:

  1. Information about this initiative explaining how authors can present should be apparent on your Workshop website.
  2. An evaluation of each author’s reproducibility documentation, as part of the review process
  3. Workshop organizers should confirm with their proceedings editors that the reproducibility information can be included in those proceedings.

Workshops without peer-reviewed published proceedings can still include a statement of reproducibility in their submissions for evaluation by the committee.


Q: Where can I find a template for assembling my reproducibility documentation?


A: We have created a reproducibility documentation template (139KB .zip) that you may use for your workshop submission.

You are welcome to specify stricter constraints than what is provided in the template.


Q: Do I have to use the reproducibility documentation template provided?


A: No. The template has been provided only to help simplify the implementation of reproducibility. Alternative means of implementation are welcome (for example, making reproducibility compulsory).


Q: What if my workshop editor limits the number of pages for publication and this does not allow for the inclusion of reproducibility in my submission?


A: Please contact us early enough so that we can help you to communicate this to your workshop proceedings editors.


Q: How do I benefit from including reproducibility in my submission?


A: In addition to the satisfaction of contributing to progress and excellence in scientific research, you may receive special recognition if the research incorporated in your workshop achieves full reproducibility, or went to great lengths for the sake of reproducibility. Information about your workshop will be shared with the Workshops Chairs of future conference years.

Finally, your workshop will be featured in advertisements to SC attendees, generating interest and awareness of your work.


Q: I still have questions about the reproducibility initiative. How can I find help?


A: Contact us with additional questions. Also, two webinars will be offered to answer questions:

  • January 31, 2018, 5–6 pm CET (Central European Time) / 10–11 am CST (Central Standard Time)
  • February 1, 2018, 10–11 am CET (Central European Time) / 3–4 am CST (Central Standard Time)

Details for the webinars will be available mid-January. If you are planning to attend one of the webinars, please contact us stating so.

A summary of the webinar discussions will be made available.