The Early Career program provides a series of special sessions that target early-career researchers, educators, and technical professionals: academic, industry, and laboratory staff and post-docs within the first five years of a permanent position. The program aims to help participants secure a better understanding of the issues and challenges faced while navigating a successful research career. Topics include:

  • Funding: Understanding the agencies, funding instruments, and strategies for securing research funding;
  • Publishing: Understanding the landscape of conference, journal, and other publication venues, including getting involved in conference leadership or journal editorship;
  • Mentorship: Understanding the difference between a mentor and a sponsor and establishing effective, long-term mentoring and sponsoring relationships;
  • Time Management: Striking a balance between our professional and personal responsibilities and obligations.

The program will include engaging and interactive sessions aimed at helping participants develop their professional skills, as well as a strategic vision for their future. New at SC18, the Early Career program will feature a Fireside Chat with SC18 Committee leadership for an informal discussion of their careers, involvement in the SC Conference committees, and the benefits of committee service.

Sessions will be held in a workshop format on Monday, November 12, before the full SC18 Program begins. This will allow participants to enjoy the Program as fully as possible. There is no additional charge for the Early Career program.

Travel funding may be available upon request, however it is not guaranteed; the Early Career program is targeted at people already planning on attending the conference.

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