Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions are interactive, community-building, and non-commercial. Before submitting, consider whether your proposed session fits this description. Consider also whether there is another group of people who are likely to submit a similar BoF and whether you should merge your proposal with theirs.

Upon review of your BoF proposal, the BoF committee may suggest combining with other proposals.




A proposal must be submitted for all BoFs. Even if your BoF has been held at a previous SC conference, you must submit a new proposal to be reviewed and evaluated against the other submissions.

Selected BoF proposals receive rank high ranking in terms of their potential for community building, relevance to the expected audience, the level of audience participation, and the timeliness of the topic. Other criteria may be considered as well. BoFs are expected to limit the inclusion of vendor-specific content.

For more information see the Birds of a Feather FAQ.

Birds of a Feather FAQ


Understand more about the Birds of a Feather submissions process.

View Birds of a Feather FAQ

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