SC18 Hosts U.S. Department of Energy Under Secretary of Science Paul M. Dabbar

Paul M. Dabbar

During the 30th annual SC conference, from November 13-14, SC18 will host U.S. Under Secretary of Science Paul M. Dabbar. He serves as the Department’s principal advisor on fundamental scientific research in high energy and nuclear physics; advanced computing; fusion; biological and environmental research; and has direct management over many of DOE’s national labs that run data-intensive experiments.

HPC is impacting our everyday lives, from creating lighter-weight metals and alloys that enable cleaner, more efficient engines to delivering warnings of approaching natural disasters that can save hundreds of lives and millions of dollars. Those pioneering this technology will gather in Dallas for the world’s largest conference dedicated to supercomputing breakthroughs.

Secretary of Energy Rick Perry has made supercomputing a top priority for DOE, providing $1.8 billion for the development of Exascale supercomputers at DOE’s national laboratories – a system capable of a billion-billion double precision floating point operations per second. Supercomputing will transform energy research, scientific discovery, economic competitiveness, and national security.

Tuesday, November 13 , 5:15 pm–7 pm, Exhibit Hall B

Under Secretary Dabbar will provide remarks at the “TOP500” session – where the fastest 500 computers in the world are revealed and discussed alongside major trends in supercomputer technology.

Wednesday, November 14, 10 am–12 pm, Exhibit Hall C-F

The Under Secretary will tour an Exhibit Hall of 365+ organizations filling 550,000 square feet of space with booths from government agencies like DOE and NASA, top computing companies, and universities or other organizations that run supercomputers or those with major computer science research programs.

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