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Showcases are fun, informal, interactive learning environments where you can engage with the creators of next-generation technologies. There are many different ways to learn, and however you learn best you’ll find a track that works for you at SC18.

Showcases will include the Doctoral Showcase, Emerging Technologies Showcase, and Scientific Visualization & Data Analytics Showcase.


Doctoral Showcase

The Doctoral Showcase provides an important opportunity for students near the end of their PhD to present a summary of their dissertation research in the form of short talks and poster presentations. This program also provides an ideal opportunity for prospective employers to interact with new or soon-to-be graduating PhDs, and for junior graduate students to learn about state-of-the-art research in high performance computing.

Doctoral Showcase will be held Tuesday, November 13, 2018.

Schedule available Fall 2018.


Emerging Technologies Showcase

The Emerging Technologies track will examine innovative solutions that may significantly improve and extend the world of HPC in the next five to fifteen years. Consisting of carefully selected exhibits and presentations, Emerging Technologies will showcase innovative technologies from industry, government labs, or academia. Typically these technologies will be very early-stage and so not yet available from industry as products.

Emerging Technologies Showcase will be held Tuesday–Thursday, November 13–15, 2018.

Schedule available Fall 2018.


Scientific Visualization & Data Analytics Showcase

The Scientific Visualization and Data Analytics Showcase provides a forum for the year’s most instrumental movies in HPC. Six finalists will compete for the Best Visualization Award, and each finalist will present his or her movie during a dedicated session. Movies are judged based on overall quality, how they illuminate science, and on creative innovations in the production process.

Scientific Visualization & Data Analytics Showcase will be held Tuesday–Thursday, November 13–15, 2018.

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HPC Impact Showcase

The HPC Impact Showcase highlights real-world HPC applications at companies, both large and small, who are currently employing HPC to advance their competitiveness and innovation in the global marketplace. Rather than presenting a technical deep dive, talks are aimed at a non-expert audience interested in learning how companies are adopting and embracing HPC and how it is improving their businesses.

HPC Impact Showcase will be held Tuesday–Thursday, November 13–15, 2018.

Schedule available Fall 2018.

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