Introduction - Ninth Annual Workshop for the Energy Efficient HPC Working Group (EE HPC WG)
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HPC Center Planning and Operations
TimeMonday, November 12th9am - 9:15am
DescriptionThis annual workshop is organized by the Energy Efficient HPC Working Group ( This workshop closes the gap between facility and IT system with regards to energy efficiency analysis and improvements. For sustainable exascale computing, power and energy are a main concern, which can only be addressed by taking a holistic view combining the HPC facility, HPC system, HPC system software, and the HPC application needs. The EE HPC WG, which is a group with over 700 members from ~25 different countries, provides this cross-sectional perspective.

This workshop is unique in that it provides a forum for sharing power and energy related information and research from supercomputing centers from around the world. Discussion and audience participation is encouraged. There are presentations, panels and discussions. Presenters are mostly from major governmental and academic supercomputing centers. The panels encourage discussion around more controversial topics and include panelists from supercomputing centers, academic institutions as well as the vendor community.

SC17 topics included case studies of energy efficient operational lessons learned; the power grid- or “what you need to know about the power grid before adding a 10 MW step-function load generator”; the United States Department of Energy’s Path Forward and other Exascale programs; and the software stack’s implications for energy efficiency. The keynote speaker was Buddy Bland from ORNL. Buddy has seen more than 30 years of HPC deployment at ORNL and his keynote provided insight into operations and energy efficiency for some of the largest supercomputers.
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