Get Involved: Call for Interest in SC Leadership Role – General Chair

The SC Steering Committee is seeking future leaders for the SC Conference Series


Conference General Chair

Nominations for the SC21 General Chair are now open and will close on June 30, 2018. To nominate a person (or yourself) for the position, send an email providing the candidate’s name, a short paragraph describing how the candidate meets the following criteria, and a recent curriculum vitae (CV) that highlights professional and SC experience.

Desired qualities in the SC General Chair include:

  • Experience managing large, complex projects in which the people executing the project do not all report directly to the manager
  • Breadth and depth of experience with SC conference organization, especially leadership roles
  • Active in our community
  • Able to set strategic direction (and delegate its execution)
  • Able to commit significant resources to management of the conference in the three years leading up to the event (generally speaking, 10% of an FTE during 2019, 25% of an FTE during 2020, and increasing to 70% of an FTE by the time of the conference)
  • Experience managing a large (multi-million US$) budget

Our expectation is that we will make our selection in the fall of 2018, but not later than the end of SC week in November.

Please send nominations, or requests for more information about either opportunity to:

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