Friday Flashback: Watch the Entire SC17 Keynote Session: “Life, the Universe & Computing: The story of the SKA Telescope”

The SC Conference Series has opened more conference content to the public than ever before and the SC17 keynote session is not an exception. Rated by HPCwire as “one of the best keynotes in SC history” the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) project [led by Philip Diamond and Rosie Bolton] will map the sky in greater detail than ever before. It will shed light on how the very first stars and galaxies formed, helping us understand the evolution of the universe and discover more about the mysterious nature of dark energy.

Brief Recap of SKA Telescope:

As science projects go, building and leveraging the largest radio telescope in the world is a whopper—complex, international in scope and wildly bleeding edge. It’s widely regarded as one of the most ambitious science enterprises of our time.

It will give us new ways to see relativity and other foundational theories in astronomy, astrophysics & beyond. Like other ambitious science projects in the past, it will likely yield other discoveries that have far-reaching implications for life on earth.

It’s enough to fire up the imaginations of scientists, data engineers and schoolchildren alike. Click below to view the entire session:

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