Last updated April, 2016

In order to ensure respect for the privacy of any individual who does not wish to be photographed or recorded, all SC attendees are required to adhere to our Photo/Video Policy. This policy includes audio as well as video recordings.




Attendees must obtain the permission of the booth manager before taking photos or videos of any booth.

Media representatives (attendees with a Media registration) are permitted to take photographs or videos in the Exhibits Hall without restriction, but only during open Exhibits hours. No photography or video recording is permitted in the Exhibits Hall outside of Exhibits hours without authorization from SC. Off-hours photography and video recording are only permitted to the official conference photographer and to exhibitors filming only within their own booth.

Photos and videos for public broadcast or commercial distribution are only permitted to attendees with a Media registration, the official conference photographer, and exhibitors filming only within their own booth.




The official conference photographer is allowed to take photographs in any Program sessions. Photography by any other attendees, including Media registrants, is allowed unless stated otherwise by the session presenter(s).

No video recording is allowed during Program sessions and presentations; however, SC reserves the right to record special sessions (e.g., Awards and Invited Talks) for public broadcast on official SC channels. The recording of the session will be clearly posted outside and announced inside the room of the session.

Anyone who violates the SC Photo/Video Policy will be asked to leave the convention center and their conference pass may be revoked.

Of course, we encourage you to share your photos (taken in adherence to this policy) with the community! Use hashtags #SC18 and #hpcinspires in your posts on social media.


View the Video Recording Consent Form.

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