SIGHPC’s Computing4Change Student Profiles – #2 of 3 in a Series

As we get closer to SC18, SIGHPC wanted to learn a little bit more about the students who will be participating in the Computing4Change (C4C) competition.

For the next few weeks, we will be sharing short bios of the students (and the student mentors), so that we can all catch a glimpse of the incredible talent and diversity that this program attracts.

Once the competition starts, they will be deeply absorbed in their projects, but you may see them on the Exhibit floor when they come up for air. We wish them all the best in the competition, and in their studies. Look out SC!


Tunrayo Lumpkin

Tunrayo (TJ) Lumpkin is a Senior, studying Criminal Justice at South Carolina State University. She chose this major because she recognized the lack of representation of African-American women in the criminal justice system, and knows that in order for changes to happen, you have to be in a position to make those changes. This is a little different from her childhood dream of being a pediatrician.

When she’s not playing soccer or working out, she might be found writing – she became a published author in 8th grade. We won’t be surprised if TJ’s teammates choose her to make their C4C final presentation.


Hoano Rosario

Hoano M A Rosario is a Senior, studying Environmental Studies at Chaminade University of Honolulu. Hoano might have been an astronaut, but he has discovered that there’s always something new to learn about the Earth, whether you’re on it or above it.

Like our other students from Hawaii, Hoano likes to spend his free time surfing or relaxing on the beach. If he looks familiar to you, it might be because he dabbles in acting on the side. Definitely a well-rounded skill set!


Harrison Waide

Harrison Waide is a Sophomore, studying Physics at Binghamton University/SUNY. He’s something of a Renaissance man, who wanted to be a writer when he grew up, and now dabbles in photography, painting, and lots of other art forms.

He’s about to declare a second major in psychology, so he can help people be more in tune with their minds. Whether he’s out having fun, making art, or writing, Harrison doesn’t let his chronic pain stand in his way, and he’s using his experiences to help others. With energy and drive like his, we know Harrison will make an impact in the C4C program, and will do great things in the future!


Stephanie Boggs

Stephanie Boggs is a Senior, studying Urban Planning/Geotechnical Engineering at Jackson State University. Why this major? She watched a lot of HGTV, and decided that she wanted to learn how to design her own house! Early on, she wanted to be an actress, but math and equations took center stage instead.

When Stephanie’s not designing houses, she’s cooking and experimenting with recipes – sounds like the house she designs will have a fantastic kitchen. Her favorite guilty pleasure is watching animated Disney movies, like “Mulan”. Of course she identifies with a young girl who breaks the mold and fights for what she believes in. We believe in you, Steph!


Alexandra Hanson

Alexandra Hanson is a Junior, studying Computer Science at Clackamas Community College. After wanting to be a gymnast, a writer, or a scientist, choosing just one area of focus felt a little limiting, but Allie knows that CS is a pathway into lots of different areas in STEM.

This field allows her to be creative and solve puzzles, and she’s excited that there’s always more to learn. Allie and her husband have a huge collection of trade paperbacks and comic books. So we’re sure she’ll be a big hit in the C4C competition. (As they say in the comics, POW!)


Kalika Lacy

Kalika Lacy is a Junior, studying Electrical Engineering at Purdue University. She really likes mathematics, and thought engineering was a great way to combine mathematics and tech knowledge to do something practical.

As a child, Kalika was very sad to learn that she couldn’t run for President, because she wasn’t born in the USA. But she’ll make up for it by traveling far and wide! Just don’t offer her peanut butter or pickles… those are her least favorite things. We’ll make sure to have other snacks on hand during the C4C Competition to fuel her inquiring mind.


Robert Barranco

Roberto Barranco is one of our student mentors. He is studying for a PhD in Computer Science & Machine Learning at the Univeristy of Texas at El Paso. He switched to CS from Mechatronics Engineering when he discovered how much he liked designing software.

This is a far cry from his first thoughts of being a medical doctor – Roberto gave that up when he realized he didn’t have the guts for it (HA!). He can usually be found listening to music and going to concerts, unless there’s an international sporting competition going on – then he gets a little bit obsessed. We’re sure he’ll do a great job cheering on his C4C team!


Skye Haraga

Skye Haraga is a Sophomore studying Biochemistry at Chaminade University of Honolulu. She’s still not quite sure what she wants to be when she grows up, but she knows that it will use her natural curiosity about how life works.

A naturopathic physician? An optometrist? We’ll see! In the meantime, when she’s not studying, she can be found playing with her dogs. After the C4C competition, Skye and Clara (see Clara’s profile by clicking here) can bond over their mutual love of socks! (Hmmm… Maybe it’s something about Honolulu?)


Check back to this blog next week for the final part of the series!


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