ACM Student Research Competition, Poster: ACM Student Research Competition Posters
Event TypeACM Student Research Competition, Poster
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TimeThursday, November 15th8:30am - 5pm
DescriptionSC18 ACM Student Research Competition Posters will be on display on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 8:30am to 5pm in the C2/3/4 Ballroom.
Precomputing Outputs of Hidden Layers to Speed Up Deep Neural Network Training
Designing Shared Address Space MPI Libraries in Many-Core Era
Modeling Single-Source Shortest Path Algorithm Dynamics to Control Performance and Power Tradeoffs
Accelerating DNA Long Read Mapping with Emerging Technologies
SimFS: A Simulation Data Virtualizing File System Interface
Holistic Root Cause Analysis of Node Failures in Production HPC
Geomancy: Automated Data Placement Optimization
Numerical Simulation of a Flue Instrument with Finite-Difference Lattice Boltzmann Method using GPGPU
Recursive Algebraic Coloring Engine
Accelerating Microscope Data Analysis Using Parallel Computing
Using Integrated Processor Graphics to Accelerate Concurrent Data and Index Structures
PotC: Many-Body Potential Implementations à La Carte
OoO Instruction Benchmarking Framework on the Back of Dragons
Studying the Impact of Power Capping on MapReduce-Based, Data-Intensive Mini-Applications on Intel KNL and KNM Architectures
Accelerating Big Data Processing in the Cloud with Scalable Communication and I/O Schemes
Accelerating 2D FFT: Exploit GPU Tensor Cores through Mixed-Precision
Monitoring Parsl Workflows
Identifying Network Data Transfer Bottlenecks in HPC Systems
Dendro-GR: Massively Parallel Simulations of Binary Black Hole Intermediate-Mass-Ratio Inspirals
Hardware Transactional Persistent Memory
Measuring Swampiness: Quantifying Chaos in Large Heterogeneous Data Repositories
Supercomputing for the Multi-Driver Routing
NautDB: Toward a Hybrid Runtime for Processing Compiled Queries
Mitigating Performance and Progress Variability in Iterative Asynchronous Algorithms
Eulerian Algorithms for the Discretization of Plasma Kinetic Equations
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