SC18 Tutorials to Offer Robust Content – Still Time to Submit


SC17 featured 41 Tutorials over two days and were immensely popular with attendees.

SC tutorials is one of the largest tutorial programs at any computing-related conference in the world. It offers attendees the chance to learn from and to interact with leading experts in the most popular areas of high performance computing, networking, storage, and analysis.


Tutorial Topics Covered


SC tutorials cover a wide range of topics in the following areas (as well as others):

  • Basic and introductory topics for expanding broader engagement
  • Applications and application frameworks
  • Algorithms, numerical methods, and libraries
  • Software engineering for portable performance and scalability
  • Parallel programming methods, models, languages and environments
  • Software tools for accelerators (co-processors, GPGPUs, FPGA, etc.)
  • Algorithmic, tools and runtime support for heterogeneous systems
  • Performance evaluation and/or optimization tools
  • Debugging and correctness tools
  • High performance I/O, storage, archive, and file systems
  • Scalable data mining and machine learning
  • High performance networking technology
  • Scientific and information visualization
  • Systems, tools and techniques for energy efficiency
  • Large systems administration and/or resource management
  • Computer and network security
  • Fault-tolerance, reliability, maintainability, and adaptability
  • High performance computer architecture
  • Clusters and distributed systems
  • Embedded- and/or reconfigurable systems
  • “Hot Topics” of current interest to the SC18 community


Tutorials Submission Deadline: April 16


The tutorials committee is soliciting proposals for full-day (six hours) or a half-day (three hours) tutorials in a wide range of topics. Honoraria and travel support are provided and are shared amongst tutorial presenters – see details below.

For full details: Tutorials Submissions

Tutorial proposals must be submitted electronically via the submissions website using a combination of web form and file upload.

Submit to Tutorials: SC18 Submissions Website

If you have any questions or need assistance: Contact Us


Honoraria and Support


If tutorial presenters prepare a promotional video, each full-day tutorial is granted a USD $3,200 honorarium (shared amongst at most 4 presenters); each half-day tutorial is granted a $1,600 honorarium (shared amongst at most 2 presenters). The honoraria are reduced to $2,800 and $1,400 for full- and half-day respectively if a promotional video is not provided.

Tutorial presenters each will get a fixed travel stipend towards their travel and accommodation expenses. Travel reimbursement is limited to airfare only. SC18 full-day tutorial presenters (up to a maximum of four per tutorial) may request a travel stipend of up to $600 per North American presenter and up to $1,000 per presenter outside North America, with half-day tutorial presenters up to a maximum of two per tutorial.

Presenters are responsible for making their own travel arrangements. Note that a full-day tutorial may have only six presenters and half-day tutorials may have only three presenters (and additional presenters above these limits must pay the tutorial fee).

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