SC18 Student Volunteer Scavenger Hunt Call for Participation (deadline October 22)

Scavenger Hunt Details

The student volunteer scavenger hunt will be held once again this year and we are soliciting exhibitor participation in the form of hints and/or prizes. The hunt will be open to our 300+ student volunteers as a way to encourage them to learn a bit about the exhibitors and come to your both for a visit and a stamp on their map.

If you wish to participate with a question, we recommend the following guidelines:
1. The hint is specific enough that you should be the only answer.
2. The hint is obscure enough that a simple Internet search does not reveal the answer directly.

For participating exhibitors, we will provide a stamp that should be used to mark that the student has identified you as the answer to the hint. These stamps will be distributed on Sunday and Monday during booth setup.

If you can, we welcome prizes for the students to win. We will have a drawing for all correctly filled maps assigning one prize per selected winner. Students can then trade should they prefer a different prize.

If you wish to participate, please email Jay Lofstead ( and indicate if you wish to provide a hint about you and/or a prize so we can coordinate. Please respond by October 22 giving us enough time to prepare the map and arrange for the proper number of unique stamps for each participant. If you have any questions, please email Jay Lofstead as well.

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