<span class="var-sub_title">Introduction - Computational Phenomics @Scale: From Supercomputers to Bedside</span> SC18 Proceedings

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Computational Phenomics @Scale: From Supercomputers to Bedside

Workshop: Introduction - Computational Phenomics @Scale: From Supercomputers to Bedside


Abstract: Our workshop will bring together various stakeholders from academia, medical centers, industry, federal agencies, and national laboratories to present state-of-the-art phenotypic technologies and their computational and data challenges. We will engage in discussions on the problems and solutions encountered in the translational practice of deep phenotyping at the intersection of computational and data science to support and improve healthcare delivery. The workshop will include presentations on large-scale phenotypic technologies such as natural language processing, multi-scale image analytics, etc. as well as the emergence of advanced machine learning in this space. During the panel discussion, the panelists will address clinical practice challenges such as integrative phenomic data analysis, the role of causal inference in genomic-phenomic associations, and the importance of reproducibility of phenotypic discoveries.

Website: https://hdsi.ornl.gov/scworkshop/

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