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Deep Learning on Supercomputers

Workshop: Introduction - Deep Learning on Supercomputers - Welcome


Abstract: The 1st Deep Learning (DL) on Supercomputers workshop provides a forum for practitioners working on any and all aspects of DL in the supercomputing context to present their latest research results and development, deployment, and application experiences. The workshop’s theme is the intersection of DL and supercomputing: novel uses of supercomputers to accelerate deep learning training and inference, and innovative applications of deep learning in traditional numerical simulation. Its scope encompasses application development in industrial and scientific scenarios using supercomputers; DL methods applied to numerical simulation; fundamental algorithms, enhanced procedures, and software development methods to enable scalable training and inference; hardware changes with impact on future supercomputer design; and machine deployment, performance evaluation, and reproducibility practices for DL applications on supercomputers. This workshop presents a series of invited talks from researchers who are working on the crossroads of deep learning and supercomputing.


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