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Fourth Computational Approaches for Cancer Workshop (CAFCW18)

Workshop: Introduction – Fourth Computational Approaches for Cancer Workshop (CAFCW18)


Abstract: As the drive towards precision medicine has accelerated, the opportunities and challenges in using computational approaches in cancer research and clinical application are rapidly growing. The expanding development of new approaches are reshaping the way computation is being applied in cancer applications. Recent national level initiatives all underscore the importance of a workshop that brings together experts and insights across the spectrum of computational approaches for cancer.

In the workshop, we bring together the computational community exploring and using high-performance computing, analytics, predictive modeling, and large datasets in cancer research and clinical applications. The workshop is inherently inter-disciplinary, with the common interest in cancer and computation the unifying theme. Maintaining a perspective of accelerating scientific insights and translation of insights to clinical application for improved patient outcomes, the workshop brings together many interests from across the technology, cancer research and clinical domains.

In addition to broad topic submissions for collaborative submissions involving computation and cancer domain expertise, the CAFCW workshop annually identifies a special workshop focus for the year. With the critical importance on both sensitive and large amounts of data in cancer applications, the rapidly evolving use of new technologies such as machine learning, and the simultaneous drive to improve patient outcomes, the interest in approaches that improve portability and repeatability to foster rapid clinical translation is significant within the cancer community. This special topic session will include innovative solutions in portability and repeatability of computational approaches applied to cancer, with emphasis on clinical translation.

Website: https://nciphub.org/groups/cacworkshop2018

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