<span class="var-sub_title">Volume Renderings of Sheared Thermal Convection</span> SC18 Proceedings

The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis

Volume Renderings of Sheared Thermal Convection

Authors: Jean M. Favre (Swiss National Supercomputing Centre), Alexander Blass (University of Twente)

Abstract: Oceans play a big role in the nature of our planet. About 70% of our earth is covered by water. Strong currents are transporting warm water around the world and therefore not only make life possible, but also allow us to harvest its power producing energy. But humanity tends to easily forget that oceans also yield a much more deadly side. Floods and tsunamis can easily annihilate whole cities and destroy life in seconds. The earth's climate system is also very much linked to the circulation in the ocean due to its large coverage of the earth's surface. Deep ocean currents can be simulated by means of wall-bounded turbulent flow simulations. We present visualizations of sheared thermal convection in very large scale numerical simulations. The visualizations are based on volume renderings of the temperature field. To address the needs of supercomputer users with different hardware and software resources, we evaluate different implementations supported in the ParaView environment: two GPU-based solutions with Kitware's native volume mapper or NVIDIA's IndeX library, and a software-only OSPRay-based implementation.

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