Scientific Visualization & Data Analytics Showcase SC18 Proceedings


  1. Approximating for Faster, Better and Cheaper Scientific Computing. Hatem Ltaief (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology), George Biros (University of Texas); Jack Dongarra (University of Tennessee; Oak Ridge National Laboratory, University of Manchester); Fernanda Foertter (Nvidia Corporation); Sherry Li (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory); Satoshi Matsuoka (Tokyo Institute of Technology, RIKEN); and William Tang (Princeton University)

  2. Convergence between HPC and Big Data: The Day After Tomorrow. Bilel Hadri (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology), Sadaf Alam (Swiss National Supercomputing Centre), Katie Antypas (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), David Bader (Georgia Institute of Technology), Dan Reed (University of Iowa), and Rio Yokota (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

  3. The Difference Between HPC on Premises and in the Cloud. Lara Kisielewska (Xand Marketing), Naoki Shibata (XTREME-D Inc), Martin Hull (Arista Networks), Ian Colle (Amazon Web Services), Gregory Kurtzer (Sylabs), and Brett Newman (Microway Inc)

  4. Federated Cloud: An Evolutionary Path from Grid Computing. Khalil Yazdi (Open Research Cloud Alliance), Robert Bohn (National Institute of Standards and Technology), Martial Michel (Data Machines Corporation), Craig Lee (Aerospace Corporation), Andrew Grimshaw (University of Virginia), and Frederica Darema (United States Air Force)

  5. How Can Lessons Learned in the Past Forty Years Guide Future HPC Research Strategies?. Paul Messina (Argonne National Laboratory), Arthur Bland (Oak Ridge National Laboratory); Jackie Chen (Sandia National Laboratories); Phil Colella (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory); Jack Dongarra (University of Tennessee, Oak Ridge National Laboratory); Thom Dunning (University of Washington, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory); Wendy Huntoon (Keystone Initiative for Network Based Education and Research); Dan Reed (University of Iowa); and Eli Dart (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

  6. HPC in Cloud or Cloud in HPC: Myths, Misconceptions and Misinformation. Sadaf R. Alam (Swiss National Supercomputing Centre), Victoria Stodden (University of Illinois), Eli Dart (Energy Sciences Network (ESnet)), Dirk Pleiter (Juelich Supercomputing Centre), David Hancock (Indiana University), and Stephen Poole (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

  7. Innovative Approaches for Developing Accessible, Productive, Scalable HPC Training. Toni Collis (Women in High Performance Computing, Appentra Solutions), Ashley Barker (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), Osni Marques (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), Manuel Arenaz (Appentra Solutions), Weronika Filinger (University of Edinburgh), and Elaine Raybourn (Sandia National Laboratories)

  8. The Next Wave of HPC in the Datacenter. Timothy Prickett Morgan (The Next Platform), Greg Stoner (Advanced Micro Devices Inc), Dr. Rene Meyer (AMAX), Dhabaleswar K. "DK" Panda (Ohio State University), and Joseph George (Cray Inc)

  9. Quantum Communication Networks and Technologies. Leonie Mueck (Public Library of Science), Joseph Lykken (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory), Maria Spiropulu (California Institute of Technology), Christoph Simon (University of Calgary), Mercedes Gimeno-Segovia (PsiQuantum), and Jake Taylor (Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP))

  10. Reconfigurable Computing for HPC: Will It Make It this Time?. Franck Cappello (Argonne National Laboratory), Torsten Hoefler (ETH Zurich), Kentaro Sano (RIKEN), Maya Gokhale (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), Andrew Putnam (Microsoft Corporation), Kazutomo Yoshii (Argonne National Laboratory), Ronan Keryell (Xilinx Inc), and Michael Kinsner (Intel Corporation)

  11. Runtime for Exascale and Beyond: Convergence or Divergence?. Marc Snir (University of Illinois), Pavan Balaji (Argonne National Laboratory), Laxmikant Kale (University of Illinois), Vivek Sarkar (Georgia Institute of Technology), Sean Treichler (Nvidia Corporation), Hartmut Kaiser (Louisiana State University), and Raymond Namyst (University of Bordeaux)

  12. SC: The Conference. Beverly Clayton (Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center), Joanne Martin (Hartman Executive Advisors); Roscoe Giles (Boston University); Becky Verastegui (Oak Ridge National Laboratory); William Gropp (University of Illinois); Bernd Mohr (Forschungszentrum Juelich); and Michela Taufer (Association for Computing Machinery (ACM); University of Delaware, University of Tennessee)

  13. Sustaining Research Software. Daniel S. Katz (University of Illinois, National Center for Supercomputing Applications), Sandra Gesing (University of Notre Dame); Patrick Aerts (Netherlands eScience Center, Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS)); Anshu Dubey (Argonne National Laboratory); David E. Pearah (HDF Group); Neil P. Chue Hong (Software Sustainability Institute, University of Edinburgh); and Henry J. Neeman (University of Oklahoma)

  14. Swiss Army Programming: Performance and Portability from Modern Tools. Jason D. Sewall (Intel Corporation), Barbara Chapman (Stony Brook University), Olivier Giroux (Nvidia Corporation), Gihan Mudalige (University of Warwick), Sunita Chandrasekaran (University of Delaware), Christian Trott (Sandia National Laboratories), and Andrew Richards (Codeplay Software Ltd)

  15. “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it” -- Software Improvements from Power/Energy Measurement Capabilities. Daniel Reed (University of Iowa), Satoshi Matsuoka (Tokyo Institute of Technology, RIKEN); Sadaf Alam (Swiss National Supercomputing Centre); Jack Deslippe (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory); and Tapasya Patki (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

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