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Volunteer Opportunities for SC Conference Planning

Authors: Christine Cuicchi (SC20, US Department of Defense HPC Modernization Program), Jeffrey Vetter (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), Christine Harvey (MITRE Corporation), Jason Zurawski (Energy Sciences Network (ESnet))

Abstract: The SC Conference desires to provide opportunities to the HPC community to volunteer with the SC Conference Planning Committee. Attendees will meet SC Committee members and learn which areas of SC Committee planning are best suited to their interests should they wish to participate in planning future SC conferences.

SC Conference Planning Committee members will highlight the entry-level opportunities available for new volunteers and the professional development from which volunteers and their supporting institutions will benefit.

Long Description: The SC Conference seeks to increase the diversity of its Planning Committee volunteer force by engaging SC18 attendees in a “Volunteer Opportunities for SC Conference Planning” BOF. This BOF is the first of its kind, therefore no past attendance counts are available. The goals of the BOF are to increase the exposure of committee volunteerism, provide details of committee elements, articulate the professional development benefits of committee affiliation, and ultimately increase the pool of prospective committee volunteers.

The presenters of this BOF will be a group of current SC18 volunteers drawn from a broad spectrum of the conference, including Conference Management, Technical Program, SCinet, Students@SC, Communications, Exhibits, and Infrastructure committees. Each BOF member will describe his or her committee role, other roles in his or her committee element (e.g., Infrastructure), and how it all fits into the larger conference.

By the end of the BOF, attendees will have an understanding of the elements of the SC Conference, what entry-level or first-level opportunities are available to new volunteers, the benefits of volunteering to serve on the committee, and will know how to request to become a committee volunteer.

URL: https://sc18.supercomputing.org/volunteer/

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