<span class="var-sub_title">Personalized Medicine and HPC</span> SC18 Proceedings

The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis

Personalized Medicine and HPC

Authors: Cristin Merritt (Alces Flight Limited), Peter Coveney (University College London), Mariano Vazquez (Barcelona Supercomputing Center), Marcin Ostasz (Barcelona Supercomputing Center)

Abstract: As HPC becomes more inclusive through hardware and cloud advancements, we are now at the point where personalized medicine can take the steps necessary to move from concept to reality. But how? By combining the work of clinical researchers and hospitals with the biomedical community, we can embrace upcoming technologies to better diagnose and treat the patient. CompBioMed, the Centre of Excellence working towards the advancement of computational modeling and simulation within biomedicine presents their findings, gives some antidotes on dealing with complexity, and raises the question - How can we make personalized medicine a reality?

Long Description: How can we make personalised medicine a reality? As hardware and cloud advancements push us closer to the exascale era we have the opportunity to spread the benefits of such computational power to more users - and combining the knowledge of HPC with clinical research is a natural progression to real-time patient treatment. By bringing biomedicine and hospitals together we can work to embrace upcoming technologies to bring forward medical advancement. Areas such as fault tolerance, data and compute resources, accessibility of resource through on-demand or reservation mechanisms, computing power and code efficiency are just some of the tasks where collaboration is imperative to personalised medicine. Storage, a key component in of biomedical research, is only projected to grow in scale due to the increase in data sets - what is the best means to keep and process data when speed and repetition of results are necessary? And once the work begins, how do we educate and inform clinical researchers to ensure they fully understand and embrace what HPC has to offer?

CompBioMed, the Centre of Excellence working towards the advancement of computational modelling and simulation within biomedicine, invites researchers to attend this Birds of a Feather to hear our current views on emerging technology, give updates on how we are tackling the complexity of personalised medical research, and debate how we can best empower clinics and hospitals to utilise the technology available. First held at ISC18, we heavily debated the place of cloud and exascale, discussed storage and collaboration methods, and began the work to help best to prioritise our focus. This Birds of a Feather continues our work at a broader scale, inviting industry stakeholders, researchers, and interested parties from a wider global audience to help guide the conversation towards a positive outcome.

URL: http://www.compbiomed.eu/

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