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OpenMP® 5.0 Is Here: Find Out All the Things You Need to Know About It!

Authors: Jim Cownie (Intel Corporation), Michael Klemm (OpenMP Architecture Review Board, Intel Corporation)

Abstract: OpenMP directives are the primary way in which shared-memory parallelism is expressed in HPC programs. Although OpenMP is 21 this year, it is not standing still. The fifth major release of the standard (OpenMP 5.0) was recently completed, and provides significant enhancements to OpenMP's capabilities in many areas, including improved support for offload accelerators.

In this BoF, we'll provide a short introduction to the new features of OpenMP 5.0 (from the people who wrote the standard), then give you plenty of time to ask them questions. We'll also give you time to grill members of the OpenMP Architecture Review Board.

Long Description: Goals: The aim of this BoF is to educate HPC developers about the new features of OpenMP 5.0 and to allow them to question the authors of the standard, and members of the OpenMP governing body (the Architecture Review Board : ARB).

At the end of the meeting attendees should know more about OpenMP 5.0 and how to apply it in their code, how the standard is created and how they (or their organizations) can get involved, and the names and faces of significant OpenMP contributors whom they can potentially hassle! They should also have had fun, and feel that their time was well spent.

Members of the ARB will have received feedback from their ultimate customers: the users of the standard, This interaction helps to drive the future direction of the OpenMP standard.

Relevance: Since OpenMP is the leading portable, vendor-neutral technique used to exploit shared memory parallelism, understanding its development is critical for HPC programmers, particularly those working in Fortran (where there are few alternatives), or on an existing code-base which will not be ported to a new programming model.

History: I have run similar BoFs since SC15 (OpenMP BoFs in different formats have been run "forever"). The BoFs I have run have been well received, consistently with well over 100 attendees (>120 in 2017) , and positive ratings (2017: Tech: 5, Presentation: 4.5, Community: 5, Overall: 5 [all marks out of 5]).

Outcome: Tangible: We will produce a BoF report for the OpenMP ARB, which will also be posted as a blog entry on the OpenMP.org site. Intangible: Attendees will understand new OpenMP 5.0 features, and the future direction of OpenMP evolution..

URL: http://openmp.org

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