Simon McIntosh-Smith
Simon McIntosh-Smith is a professor of high performance computing at Bristol University. He has over fifteen years of experience in industry designing and programming some of the world's fastest parallel processors. These processors were developed for High Performance Computing (HPC) and embedded Digital Signal Processing (DSP) applications. Research interests include using the latest graphics processors (GPUs) to solve important computational problems in HPC and using parallel programming languages such as OpenMP, MPI, OpenCL and CUDA. Applications of interest are generally within the life sciences and include genome sequencing, molecular dynamics, and quantum chemistry. Simon is also interested in issues pertaining to scaling super computers to millions of processors.

Simon has extensive experience with hands-on tutorials at SC. This includes tutorials on OpenCL (SC11, SC12, SC14, SC15) and OpenMP (SC16 and SC17).
Heterogeneous Systems
Parallel Programming Languages, Libraries, and Models
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