Hector Carrillo Cabada
Hector Carrillo Cabada is a first year Computer Science PhD student at the University of New Mexico. As an undergrad, Hector was an intern at VisionQuest Biomedical where he researched deep learning applications to retinal image analysis, such as transfer learning for diabetic retinopathy detection and generative adversarial networks for retinal image conversion. During the summer of 2018, he participated in the Parallel Computing Summer Research Internship at Los Alamos National Laboratory where he worked under the mentorship of Dr. Jefferey Hack to parallelize a spectral Boltzmann transport equation simulation code using MPI and OpenMP. For his PhD, he will work on developing and applying machine learning methods to in-situ analysis of protein folding trajectories, under Dr. Trilce Estrada.
Heterogeneous Systems
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