Alex Gagliano is a first-year graduate student in Astronomy at the University of Illinois, where he works on problems in computational astrophysics and data science. As part of a research collaboration at NASA Goddard, Alex studied the characteristics of exoplanets that could be detected through gravitational microlensing. More recently, he has published a paper mapping the globular cluster distribution within Coma through a detailed analysis of Hubble archival images. He is also interested in multimodal methods of astronomy communication; he has traveled to Gabon to study traditional West African astronomical beliefs and developed a sound-based astronomy curriculum for a science festival in Goa, India. In addition, he has spent the past year in the Theoretical Astrophysics division at Los Alamos National Laboratory, where he integrated cosmology simulations with chemical networks and used high-performance computing to understand the evolution of complex molecules in the early universe.
Scientific Visualization & Data Analytics Showcase
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