Dr Mike Ashworth is a Research Fellow in the School of Computer Science at the University of Manchester working on the EuroExa project. He was previously a senior manager in STFC’s Scientific Computing Department based at Daresbury Laboratory and led the Application Performance Engineering Group on the development and optimization of large-scale applications across a wide range of scientific disciplines, targeting high-performance systems including the evaluation and exploitation of novel architectures. He was one of the team which established STFC’s £55M Hartree Centre. He is an acknowledged international expert in many aspects of high performance computing with a focus on environmental modelling. He has built up STFC's environmental modelling presence from nothing to a thriving activity, including securing funding for projects on the ocean models, atmospheric codes and a seismic wave propagation code for earthquake studies. He was instrumental in securing STFC’s participation as a partner with the Met Office and NERC in the Gung-Ho project. Active in the European Exascale Software Initiative, Mike led the writing of a recommendation on future funding for Parallel-in-Time methods, which was submitted to the EC as one of a set of recommendations for future Horizon 2020 programmes. Mike’s experience in parallel and high-performance computing began around 30 years ago at Jodrell Bank, University of Manchester, when, following a PhD on radio pulsars working under Prof. Andrew Lyne, he used the latest high-performance computing systems in a search for very fast pulsars. Subsequently he worked extensively on environmental modelling applications, with posts at the Natural Environment Research Council and the German Computing Centre for Climate Research. On coming to Daresbury in 1997, he has done much to develop an environmental modelling activity within the Department with a series of projects on ocean, atmospheric and earthquake simulations.
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