Dr. Christian Engelmann is a Senior Staff Scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He has 18 years experience in software R&D for extreme-scale high-performance computing (HPC). His research solves computer science challenges in HPC software, such as scalability, dependability, energy efficiency, and portability. Dr. Engelmann's primary expertise is in HPC resilience, i.e., providing efficiency and correctness in the presence of faults, errors, and failures through avoidance, masking, and recovery. He received the 2015 DOE Early Career Award for research in resilience design patterns for extreme scale HPC. His secondary expertise is in lightweight simulation of future-generation extreme-scale supercomputers with millions of processors, studying the impact of hardware and software properties on the key HPC system design factors: performance, resilience, and power consumption. Dr. Engelmann is a Senior Member of the ACM and a member of the IEEE, SIAM, and USENIX.
Chair of Sessions
Heterogeneous Systems
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