Ruud van der Pas
Ruud is a Distinguished Engineer in the Linux organization at Oracle, where he works as a Linux performance expert in the PESL team. His key area of expertise is parallel computing, in particular on shared memory systems. Highly scalable shared memory performance on graph analysis and analytics algorithms are his recent focus areas. In addition to his involvement with various internal engineering and development teams, he also provides performance tuning consultancy to Oracle's major customers.

Ruud has studied mathematics and physics and has been involved with the performance of technical applications for more than 25 years. Before joining Oracle he worked at Sun Microsystems, SGI, Convex Computer Corporation, the University of Utrecht and Philips.

Ruud has published over 20 conference papers related to application tuning and parallelization, several technical white papers and is co-author of the books "Using OpenMP" "Using OpenMP - The Next Step", both published by MIT Press.
Parallel Programming Languages, Libraries, and Models
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