Claire Stirm
Claire Stirm is the Engagement Manager in Research Computing at Purdue University. Claire has a Bachelor’s degree in Professional Writing and a Bachelor’s degree in Classical Studies from Purdue University. In 2018, Claire received a Master’s degree in Strategic Communications Management from the Brian Lamb School of Communication at Purdue University. Claire is in charge of the communication and marketing efforts for HUBzero, a project of Purdue University. Claire also manages the Science Gateways Community Institute consulting engagements related to the Incubator team, provides marketing consulting for clients from various institutions, and coordinates the Science Gateways Bootcamp, a week-long intensive workshop for researchers that occurs twice a year. Claire is a part of the Purdue University Women in HPC and Purdue University’s Communicators Council. Outside of Purdue University, Claire is the President for the 42nd Royal Highlanders Board of Directors, a non-profit historical band. In her free time, Claire enjoys cross training, playing accordion, camping, and traveling with her husband.
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