Patrick O'Leary
Dr. O’Leary has an established track record of developing tools for analysis and visualization. Dr. O’Leary is an Assistant Director of Scientific Computing with Kitware, Inc., and is focused on demystifying and democratizing advance modeling and simulation. Dr. O’Leary has over 25 years of experience in advance modeling and simulation software development encompassing preprocessing, modeling and simulation, and post-processing software tools. Dr. O’Leary completed a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics at the University of Wyoming under the direction of Dr. Myron B. Allen III in 1999. His dissertation involved stochastic modeling of groundwater contaminant transport entitled "Mathematical Modeling of Variably Absorbing Contaminants in Porous Media." Dr. O’Leary then served in a postdoctoral position at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, under the supervision of Dr. Richard E. Ewing. Before joining Kitware, Inc., Dr. O’Leary was Director of the Center for Advanced Modeling and Simulation (CAMS) at the Idaho National Laboratory.
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