Laura is a researcher in resilience and novel computing techniques, especially probabilistic computing. Her current interest is the design of algorithms and systems to address expected increasing fault rates in hardware in a probabilistic manner. Another interest is the application of discrete mathematics to the design and understanding of computing systems. She also led the production visualization effort at LANL for many years, and was the originator and project leader of the recent redesign and redeployment of the LANL visualization corridor, encompassing the computing systems, networking, and display systems used for LANL ASC large-scale visualization. She served on the design teams for the Cielo and Trinity supercomputers and was one of the designers of the Viewmaster visualization compute cluster. She has published in the areas of probabilistic computing and algorithms, resilience, error-correcting codes, virtual reality and visualization. She received her Ph.D. In Mathematics and Computer Science in the field of Error-Correcting Codes, working with Dr. Vera Pless.
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