Frank Lee
Frank Lee, Ph. D. Global Industry Leader for Healthcare Life Sciences, Chief Architect, IBM Reference Architecture for Genomics, IBM Storage CTO Office Member

Dr. Frank Lee is the Healthcare and Life Science industry leader for IBM Systems Group with over twenty years’ experience in scientific research and information technology. His work includes the creation of industry reference architecture and its implementation as HPC, cloud, big data and AI platforms for dozens of clients and partners worldwide. As an advocator for the transformation of the industry towards precision medicine, Frank has spoken in dozens of conferences and published in IBM System Journals, Redbook, research paper and HIMSS report. When encountering gaps of technologies, Frank led charges of innovation with inventions in metadata and provenance management. Frank also brings in the subject matter expertise on genomics, an experience that includes participation in the Human Genome Project as a research associate and his training as a molecular biologist at Washington University.

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