Chris J. Newburn (CJ) is a Principal Architect for at NVIDIA Compute Software, leading HPC strategy and driving the SW product roadmap, with a special focus on systems and programming models for scale. He has contributed to a combination of hardware and software technologies over the last twenty years and has over 80 patents. He is a community builder with a passion for architecting the richness of heterogeneous platforms so that they are easier to use and have lasting value. HPC container technologies are one of his focus areas. He wrote a binary-optimizing, multi-grained, parallelizing compiler as part of his Ph.D. at Carnegie Mellon University. Before grad school, in the 80s, he did stints at a couple of start-ups, working on a voice recognizer and a VLIW supercomputer. He's delighted to have worked on volume products that his Mom uses.
Birds of a Feather
Clouds and Distributed Computing
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