Dr. Clara Novoa is an Associate Professor at the Ingram School of Engineering, Industrial Engineering Program, at Texas State University. She directs the Systems Optimization Learning (SOLAR) lab. Her research interests include: (a) modeling of mathematical programs to tackle problems on Renewable Energy, Supply Chain Optimization, Cybersecurity of Cyberphysical Systems and Manufacturing and Healthcare Optimization, and (b) Parallel Computing to accelerate operations research algorithms. Dr. Novoa has published over 30 papers in operations research in journals and conference proceedings. She is Co-PI for ME-Green: Manufacturing for Environment by Generating Renewable Energy in Enterprise Networks (NSF# 1704933, CBET, 2017-2020) and STEM Rising Stars (NSF#1431578, DUE, 2015 – 2018), a project to improve retention of undergraduate students in STEM.
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