Dr. Doug Cline is the current Sr. Computing Systems Architect for High Performance Computing at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics. As manager of the Computational Fluid Dynamics Branch, Dr. Cline began configuring HPC systems for the CFD team back in 2006, which evolved into his current full-time role as HPC systems architect. In previous positions, Doug was Program Manager for the NAVY DSRC at Stennis Space Center, and has over 35 years’ experience in managing and working with High Performance Computing systems for organizations such as Sandia National Laboratories, Dept. of Defense, EPA/NOAA, and Academia, having represented UT Austin in the Coalition for Academic Scientific Computing (CASC) organization for a number of years. Most recently, Doug organized and led a Panel Session on HPC for the AIAA conference series on Aeronautics. His work has helped make Lockheed Martin Aeronautics the number two commercial customer, by volume, for Cray Inc. Doug received his BS, MS and PhD in Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, specializing in Computational Engineering.
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