Vinod Kamath
Vinod Kamath
Senior Engineering Staff Member and Architect
Thermal Engineering Lab

As a cooling architect for Lenovo’s ThinkSystems, keeping servers from overheating has been Vinod’s primary role as a Lenovo Difference Maker. For more than 25 years, Vinod has been one of the world’s preeminent experts on data center cooling, driving innovations that have contributed to dramatic improvements in high performance computing (HPC) while maximizing energy efficiency. After beginning his career at IBM as a cooling architect for System X, Vinod has been a key contributor on projects that have changed the dynamics for energy efficient computing, developing innovative new cooling architectures for servers. Among Vinod’s chief innovations as a Lenovo Difference Maker is spearheading the development of Lenovo’s warm water-based cooling systems and was part of the team that delivered the first high-scale warm water cooling system for servers. Vinod is passionate about developing green computing solutions and is actively involved with the Energy Efficient High Performance Computing Workgroup, which is a primary driver of energy efficient computing solutions whose efforts are helping efforts to get an exaflop HPC solution on the horizon in a timely manner. Vinod’s interest in solving the difficult problems of efficient cooling has led to generation of over 50 issued patents in the areas of thermal engineering and systems packaging. He has also authored several papers in fluid mechanics and electronics cooling and will be publishing this first book in the arena or Energy Efficient Data Centers at the end of 2018. Vinod has a PhD in mechanical engineering from John’s Hopkins University. In his spare time, Vinod enjoys reading and keeping abreast about the new developments in particle Physics and Cosmology, evolutionary biology, the economics and the theory of finance and business.
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