Dr. Hsing-bung (HB) Chen has 16+ years’ experience in HPC software research and development for next generation extreme-scale high-performance computing (HPC) systems with a strong research and publication record. HB has hands-on expertise in architecting, designing, and realizing complex systems and has strong written and oral communication skills. As a senior computer scientist, HB was the leader in the design and development of LANL’s Parallel and Scalable Server I/O Infrastructure named PaScalBB. PaScalBB Parallel I/O platform has been deployed on all LANL HPC production systems for the past 15 years and PaScalBB has been proved as the most advanced, high performance, and cost saving I/O system in LANL’s HPC history. HB has also contributed to LANL’s parallel storage system and parallel archive system. Currently HB is working on projects related to Software-Defined Network, Workflow, HPC Application using Virtualization & Containerization, GPU HPC computing, Machine learning, and Deep learning.
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