Dr. Saha works as an HPC engineer at the Center for Research Computing (CRC) at the University of Notre Dame (ND). Other than his regular HPC user-support and user-classroom training at ND CRC, he has also been a part of an exascale research project at the DoE’s PSAAP II center (C-SWARM) at Notre Dame, where he put his effort into improving the scaling performance of a multi-scale and multiphysics-involved finite element code (called “PGFem3D”) on hundreds of thousands of cores on US National Labs resources. In his previous positions at the University of Delaware (UD), Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL), and Max Planck Institute (Germany), he worked on algorithmic and large-scale parallel code development projects in massively supercomputer architectures to model and simulate Quantum Transport Properties of various nano-scaled devices. At ORNL, he was the main developer in advancing NEGF-DFT transport code for multiprobe molecular electronics. He received his PhD (in Physics) from Jadavpur University (India). He has published 22 articles in top-ranking journals, including Physical Review Letters and Nano Letters, and he also owns a US Patent relating to biosensors.
Heterogeneous Systems
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