Scott Yockel
Scott joined Harvard Research Computing in February 2015 as Senior Team Lead of HPC and transitioned to the Director in 2017. He is actively involved in XSEDE Campus Champion as Region 7 Champion and NSF projects: ACI-REF (Research Education & Facilitation), CyberTeam at MGHPCC, DIBBS project NESE (North East Stroage Exchange), and CI Workforce Development in CaRCC.

Prior to moving from Dallas to Boston, he was Manager of HPC Services and Chemistry Faculty at University of North Texas. His research domain expertise is in Computational Chemistry with an overlap of Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering. Having been on both sides of HPC, as a researcher for 9 years and administrator for 16 years, he values the importance of providing efficient and streamlined computing resources that expedite the process of scientific breakthroughs. When not staring at the screen, he enjoys cycling and hiking through the New England countryside.

Follow: @compchemguy
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