Best Practices from Organizations on Improving Workplace Diversity
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TimeSunday, November 11th2:03pm - 2:06pm
DescriptionPurdue Research Computing has been a proven leader in cultivating future STEM professionals for over a decade and creating a diverse workforce. We have built a pro-diversity and inclusive workplace culture that embraces a variety of academic degrees, generations, demographics, expertise, and experience. We are fortunate to be part of a broader diversity and recruiting initiative at Purdue University. As we celebrate our 150th anniversary as a land-grant institute, we are proud of our university's rich culture. 2018 fall semester, Purdue ranks 3rd in international student enrollment among all public United States colleges and universities and 2nd in the Big 10. 22% of incoming freshman are a part of the minority domestic student population with 12% of the class enrolling in the Polytechnic Institute, (

Our diversity outreach efforts have organically evolved to mentoring and developing these diverse students and young professionals through initiatives like the establishment of the Purdue Women in HPC organization, mentoring Purdue’s first high school team to the 2017 Supercomputing Student Cluster Competition, and bringing to the 2018 Supercomputing Student Cluster Competition Purdue University’s first all-female team. Our workplace diversity has developed over time through small incremental changes. Each successful connection brings new avenues into future possibilities of additional variety.

We aspire to cultivate future leaders who will be engaged and empowered to share new ideas through an environment that champions transparency, communication, and inclusion. We recognize that diversity is not an “end-state”, and it must remain as a metric we always grade ourselves against.
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