Methodology for the Rapid Development of Scalable HPC Data Services
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TimeMonday, November 12th4:20pm - 4:45pm
DescriptionGrowing evidence in the scientific computing community indicates that parallel file systems are not sufficient for all HPC storage workloads. This realization has motivated extensive research in new storage system designs. The question of which design we should turn to implies that there could be a single answer satisfying a wide range of diverse applications. We argue that such a generic solution does not exist. Instead, custom data services should be designed and tailored to the needs of specific applications on specific hardware. Furthermore, custom data services should be designed in close collaboration with users. In this paper, we present a methodology for the rapid development of such data services. This methodology promotes the design of reusable building blocks that can be composed together efficiently through a runtime based on high-performance threading, tasking, and remote procedure calls. We illustrate the success of our methodology by showcasing three examples of data services designed from the same building blocks, yet targeting entirely different applications.
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