Computational Cosmology and Astrophysics on Adaptive Meshes Using Charm++
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Parallel Programming Languages, Libraries, and Models
TimeFriday, November 16th9:50am - 10am
DescriptionAstrophysical and cosmological phenomena involve a large variety of physical processes, and can encompass an enormous range of scales. To effectively investigate these phenomena computationally, applications must similarly support modeling these phenomena on enormous ranges of scales; furthermore, they must do so efficiently on high-performance computing platforms of ever increasing parallelism and complexity. We describe Enzo-P, a Petascale redesign of the ENZO adaptive mesh refinement astrophysics and cosmology application, along with Cello, a reusable and scalable adaptive mesh refinement framework, on which Enzo-P is based. Cello’s scalability is enabled by the Charm++ Parallel Programming System, whose data-driven asynchronous execution model is ideal for taking advantage of the available parallelism in adaptive mesh refinement-based applications. We present weak scaling results on the NSF Blue Waters supercomputer, and outline our future plans to bring Enzo-P to the exascale era by targeting highly-heterogeneous accelerator-based platforms.
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