In Situ Data-Driven Adaptive Sampling for Large-Scale Simulation Data Summarization
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TimeMonday, November 12th11:20am - 11:45am
DescriptionRecent advancements in the high-performance computing have enabled the scientists to model various scientific phenomena in great detail. However, the analysis and visualization of the output data from such large-scale simulations are posing significant challenges due to the excessive size of output data and disk I/O bottleneck. One viable solution to this problem is to create a sub-sampled dataset which is able to preserve the important information of the data and also is significantly smaller in size compared to the raw data. Creating an in situ workflow for generating such intelligently sub-sampled datasets is of prime importance for such simulations. In this work, we propose an information-driven data sampling technique and compare it with two well-known sampling methods to demonstrate the superiority of the proposed method. The in situ performance of the proposed method is evaluated by applying the sampling techniques to the Nyx Cosmology simulation. We compare and contrast the performances of these various sampling algorithms and provide a holistic view of all the methods so that the scientists can choose appropriate sampling schemes based on their analysis requirements.
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