A Comprehensive Informative Metric for Analyzing HPC System Status Using the LogSCAN Platform
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Scientific Computing
TimeFriday, November 16th9:40am - 10am
DescriptionLog processing by Spark and Cassandra-based ANalytics (LogSCAN) is a newly developed analytical platform that provides flexible and scalable data gathering, transformation and computation. One major challenge is to effectively summarize the status of a complex computer system, such as the Titan supercomputer at the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF). Although there is plenty of operational and maintenance information collected and stored in real time, which may yield insights about short- and long-term system status, it is difficult to present this information in a comprehensive form. In this work, we present system information entropy (SIE), a newly developed metric that leverages the powers of traditional machine learning techniques and information theory. By compressing the multi-variant multi-dimensional event information recorded during the operation of the targeted system into a single time series of SIE, we demonstrate that the historical system status can be sensitively represented concisely and comprehensively. Given a sharp indicator as SIE, we argue that follow-up analytics based on SIE will reveal in-depth knowledge about system status using other sophisticated approaches, such as pattern recognition in the temporal domain or causality analysis incorporating extra independent metrics of the system.
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