DiG: Enabling Out-of-Band Scalable High-Resolution Monitoring for Data-Center Analytics, Automation, and Control
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Data Analytics
HPC Center Planning and Operations
Heterogeneous Systems
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TimeMonday, November 12th11:10am - 11:30am
DescriptionData centers are increasing in size and complexity, and we need scalable approaches to support their automated analysis and control. Performance, power consumption and reliability are their key "vital signs". State-of-the-Art monitoring systems provide built-in tools to collect performance measurements, and custom solutions to get insight on their power consumption. However, with the increase in measurement resolution (in time and space) and the ensuing huge amount of measurement data to handle, new challenges arise, such as bottlenecks on the network bandwidth, storage and software overhead on the monitoring units. To face these challenges we propose a novel monitoring platform for data centers, which enables real-time high-resolution profiling (i.e., all available performance counters and the entire signal bandwidth of the power consumption at the plug - sampling up to 20us) and analytics, both on the edge (node-level analysis) and on a centralized unit (cluster-level analysis). The monitoring infrastructure is completely out-of-band, scalable, technology agnostic and low cost.
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