Introduction - 8th Workshop on Python for High-Performance and Scientific Computing
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Parallel Application Frameworks
Scientific Computing
TimeMonday, November 12th9am - 9:05am
DescriptionPython is an established, high-level programming language with a large community in academia and industry. Scientists, engineers, and educators use Python for data science, high-performance computing, and distributed computing. Since Python is extremely easy to learn with a very clean syntax, it is well-suited for education in scientific computing. Programmers are much more productive by using Python.

The workshop will bring together researchers and practitioners using Python in all aspects of data science and high performance computing. The goal is to present Python applications, to discuss general topics regarding the use of Python, and to share experiences using Python in scientific computing. While Python is extremely strong in supporting human productivity as well reproducible science, it still lacks in computational performance compared to classical HPC languages such as Fortran or C. We especially encourage authors to submit novel research in improving performance of Python applications as well as research on productivity of development with Python.

Since Python itself can be seen as a ‘traditional’, established language for computational sciences, we like to move the focus of the workshop toward the role of Python within today's and future computing ecosystems. On the one hand, we foster discussion by seeking submissions that compare Python to other - dynamics and emerging - languages, which are widely used for HPC and scientific computing. On the other hand, we seek contributions on the use of Python on novel computing architectures, such as quantum computers or neuromorphic systems.

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