Introduction - The 2nd Industry/University Joint International Workshop on Data Center Automation, Analytics, and Control (DAAC)
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HPC Center Planning and Operations
Heterogeneous Systems
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TimeMonday, November 12th9am - 9:01am
DescriptionOur plan is for an Industry/University Joint International Workshop on Data-Center Automation, Analytics, and Control (DAAC) to be hosted at SC18. This workshop plan is an outcome of intensive discussions from academia, industry, and national laboratory researchers that led to a successful previous-year instance hosted at the 10th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing (UCC'17). Looking at the last year's attendance at UCC'17, DAAC has attracted around 50 attendees, even though UCC is a smaller conference compared to SC18. DAAC'17 featured three invited speakers from industry and a panel of five experts from national labs, academia, and industry to discuss data center automation, analytics, and control solutions, in addition to presentations from peer-reviewed papers.

This new instance of the DAAC workshop at SC is also jointly organized by academic and industry researchers. The objective is to promote and stimulate community interactions to address some of most critical challenges in automation, analytics, and control specifically aimed for the needs of large-scale data centers in high-performance/high-end computing. DAAC'18 will be a unique workshop at SC18 providing a valuable addition to main conference programs. Taking advantage of the opportune match to the SC18 audience, DAAC'18 expects to attract a larger number of attendees from academia, industry, and government national labs who are interested in data center automated management, operation, and maintenance.
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