Introduction - Fifth SC Workshop on Best Practices for HPC Training and Education
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Scientific Computing
TimeMonday, November 12th9am - 10am
DescriptionHigh-Performance Computing (HPC) has become central for empowering progress in scientific, technical, social, business and medical domains by facilitating the solution of large-scale complex scientific and big data applications in a range of diverse fields. However, the inherent wide distribution, heterogeneity, and dynamism of current and future computing and software environments increasingly challenge new and existing practitioners along with the cyberinfrastructure facilitators, trainers and educators who are charged with developing and delivering HPC educational content and training. Furthermore, recent advances in educational technology and andragogical approaches create both challenges and opportunities for reaching a larger and more diverse community. The commonality of challenges faced by facilitators, educators and trainers necessitates community effort and involvement to develop and provide reproducible, reliable, and reusable educational materials.

Since 2014, the Best Practices for HPC Training workshop series at SC has provided a global forum for addressing common challenges and solutions for enhancing HPC training and education, for sharing information through large and small group discussions, and for fostering collaboration opportunities. The Fifth workshop, an ACM SIGHPC Education Chapter coordinated effort, is aimed at, and will provide opportunities for, extending collaborations among practitioners from traditional and emerging fields, exploring the challenges in developing and deploying HPC training and education, and identifying new challenges and opportunities for the latest HPC platforms. The workshop will also be a platform for disseminating results and lessons learned in these areas and will be captured in a Special Edition of the Journal of Computational Science Education.
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