Introduction - The 4th International Workshop on Data Reduction for Big Scientific Data (DRBSD-4)
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Scientific Computing
TimeSunday, November 11th2pm - 2:09pm
DescriptionAs the speed gap between compute and storage continues to exist and widen, the increasing data volume and velocity pose major challenges for big data applications in terms of storage and analysis. This demands new research and software tools that can further reduce data by several orders of magnitude, taking advantage of new architectures and hardware available on next generation systems. This international workshop on data reduction is a response to this renewed research direction and will provide a focused venue for researchers in this area to present their research results, exchange ideas, identify new research directions, and foster new collaborations within the community.
Topics of interest include but are not limited to:
• Application use-cases which can drive the community to develop MiniApps
• Data reduction methods for scientific data including:
• Data deduplication methods
• Motif-specific methods (structured and unstructured meshes, particles, tensors, …)
• Optimal design of data reduction methods
• Methods with accuracy guarantees
• Metrics to measure reduction quality and provide feedback
• Data analysis and visualization techniques that take advantage of the reduced data
• Hardware and data co-design
• Accuracy and performance trade-offs on current and emerging hardware
• New programming models for managing reduced data
• Runtime systems for data reduction
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