Procurement and Commissioning of HPC Systems
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HPC Center Planning and Operations
System Administration
TimeMonday, November 12th1:30pm - 5pm
DescriptionThis tutorial will walk attendees through the whole process of purchasing and deploying a HPC system. It will cover the whole process from engaging with stakeholders in securing funding, requirements capture, market survey, specification of the tender/request for proposal documents, engaging with suppliers, evaluating proposals, and managing the installation.

Attendees will learn how to specify what they want, yet enable the suppliers to provide innovative solutions beyond their specification both in technology and in the price; how to demonstrate to stakeholders that the solution selected is best value for money; and the common risks, pitfalls and mitigation strategies essential to achieve an on-time and on-quality installation process. The tutorial has 4 parts: procurement process including RFP; benchmarks, bid evaluation, clarifications; contracting, project management, commissioning, acceptance testing, and transition to user service.

The presenters have been involved in numerous major HPC procurements for several decades, as service managers, bidders to funding agencies, as customers and as advisors. The presenters are from the UK and Europe but the tutorial will be applicable to HPC procurements anywhere. The tutorial is based on experience across a diverse set of real world cases in various countries, in private and public sectors.
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